Life In Rhythm

God’s Design for Work & Family

Life in Rhythm is a 10-week experience equipping and empowering you to live out God’s design for work & family.

Much like Rooted, Life in Rhythm goes beyond a program, seminar, or small group by provoking questions, conversations, and beyond-what-is-comfortable group experiences designed to help you find yourself in God’s story. Through this experience, you will:

  • Be emboldened to live out your calling as a follower of Jesus in your family and in your work
  • Engage in rhythms that help you ‘tune in’ to God (Daily Devotion, Prayer, Journaling)
  • Meet weekly with your group for discussion
  • Have additional experiences designed for you to grow in your faith (Prayer, Story, Strongholds, Mission)
At the end of the ten weeks, you will have experienced the transforming power of Jesus in your work and family life.

FAQ: Life In Rhythm

Life in Rhythm costs $20. That cost covers the total experience for an individual.
Life in Rhythm is designed to be experienced in a Community Group. If you are a Rooted graduate, who is not in a Community Group, you are invited to the next Group Connect Event.
We strongly recommend that an individual experience Rooted before Life in Rhythm. Register for the next session of Rooted HERE.
Life in Rhythm is designed to be experienced in the context of a Community Group. Your meeting time will depend on your existing community groups schedule. Life in Rhythm requires a significant amount of commitment — your group will meet for 10 weeks straight, so pick a day and time that works for everyone!
Life in Rhythm is a 10-week experience.
Yes, there will be training for new and existing leaders. More information to come!
Yes. There are limited openings. Make sure to get you entire groups signed up quickly!


Brooks Talbott
Discipleship Pastor